Friday, June 08, 2007

Calender Girl

When DH was deployed the last time, I played this little game with myself, called "Do not look at the calender".

Since I was a SAHM, and The Collective were babies, there was little need to know the date. Plus I was always pleasantly surprised when I would say. "What is the date? March...?" And the person would look at me in horror and reply "Uh Ma'am, it is July".

Since The Collective are not in school, and I continue to be a SAHM, I have maintained that habit. I am unsure if it is good or bad. But I am shocked to see the date, and day.

It is Friday, right people?

Where does time go?

This coming week VBS starts, I have been out of the church loop, so I need to go and find out the dates, times etc, and write them immediately on the calender.

Hard to believe Sir Rowland starts kindergarten in just a few months.

The days of ignoring a calender will soon be over. I promise it has been nice. Well expect for the couple of times I have missed a borthday, or been late paying a bill.

Which considering my calender avoidance has not been too bad.

Weekend goals, are to work on the back yard projects. Try and get something done indoors. I prefer to work outside. But there is laundry, and some dusting (more than some) That need to get done. I also must get to my fruit and veggie man down the road, I am in need to tomatoes, and peaches to freeze. Last year I did not freeze nearly tomatoes or peaches. I should freeze some strawberries while they are still inexpensive. The collective have eaten 6 quarts since being home. SERIOSLY.

DH, where is the blueberry place, and when do they come in? I think they are late in the year, but I forget? And was it $11 for a 5 gallon bucket?

if so, we need to do that.

My guess is I will continue to bore you with my crap lists.

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