Thursday, June 07, 2007

One Piece at a time...

-After 2-3 days of feeling like I am running very fast on a treadmill, I can say some things are done. (I think my estrogen levels are off again, and I am keeping track of this. Me pissed off about "things" is not typical. The bad thing about me and estrogen. I will be consulting the Vagina Whisperer about this development.) DH be glad you are gone.

-The Collectives new play area, ALMOST done, and actually almost better than I had originally planned, AND all because of the snags I ran into. The little cottages are even moved (thanks to the neighbor teen!) I did try moving them alone, it was ridiculous, but (I HATE ASKING for help) I am getting better at it. I emptied the old sand turtle, and realized it will work nicely to hold buckets, shovels, play kitchen things etc. Oh and the cottages will be an ideal place for the sidewalk chalk, etc, and they can draw on the fence in that corner. I also dumped out all of the shells they collected while at Oak Island, they LOVED that small addition the best. I do need more sand, and more river rock. But I can see an end in site. The corner is SHADED!

-I located the hammock, it was in the attic. Ahhhhh, the darn thing has never been christened, and will not be any time soon. But ahhhh, I cannot think of a better place to read this summer. In the shade with The collective.

-Hose fixed, the washers were exactly where DH said they would be in the comments section. YEAH. New hose, non leaky.

-2 sprinklers replaced.

-shrubs in back got a haircut

-round up'd the weed growing through the cracks in the sidewalk

-built a sand castle with The collective

-bought 4 months worth of air filters and replaced one

-weeded part of the back yard

-weeded part of the front yard

-had a water fight

-threw away a lot of broken crap

-got all of my pots filled for the front (I will try and get photos in the morning, with my macbook.)

-trimmed an oak tree

Progress finally, so perhaps this anxiety will wane now.

I do need to get the darn hedges up front trimmed, they are driving me nuts. It is a must do at this point.

I also have some thank yous that NEED to get out. NEED.


I also need to plant out back. I am in desperate need of some color, and beauty for the rest of the yard. My cannas I moved to the fence line, are not doing so well. I can blame it on the soil. We have very little of it. The rest of my beds are all raised beds.

*degree anti-persp deoderant is a joke

*I am not sore from all of the scooping. All of that sand and not requiring anti-inflammatories, that made me feel strong and capable.


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Tori Lennox said...

You should post a picture of the play area when you're finished. It sounds really cool!