Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Off to school

Once again, I am getting the Collective ready for VBS. Both seem to be liking it. The church has done a fantastic job of organizing this. And the amount of people it takes to run a summer program like this, is amazing. There are 31 in Pink Ninjas class, 19 in Sir Rowlands. It is a lot of children. A lot.

They have made everything fun for the children. Even entering is fun, they have to get a ticket, enter a ticket booth, and get it stamped. A very detailed bunch of folks. The Collective are loving it, and I have no idea how they will feel when they realize it is over.

Sir Rowland is getting along fantastically. A few problems transitioning from one activity to another, but I guess a little pep talk worked. Pink Ninja is just so darn happy all of the time, she is loving it.

So another morning, putting pigtails in, and getting ready to go.

I have to make a small run to the post office, and get gas. I will spend the rest of my morning catching up on small projects around here. Ahhhh, I am enjoying the quiet.

The church is starting and AWANAs program on Sunday nights, and I did volunteer to help with that. (have any of you ever been involved with AWANA's? Did the children enjoy it?) As I am really unable to volunteer my time in too many sectors at this time. This church is an active one. The Pastor just told everyone in the congregation last Sunday, "if you wanted a quiet place to come and sit down, folks you are at the wrong church". He is right. There is ALWAYS something going on at the church. ALWAYS. They have a BMX thing for the pre-teens, and teens, there is band, and youth group, a softball team, a basketball team, women's prayer, men's prayer, the list of activities fills the bulletin every Sunday. It is by far the busiest church I have ever seen.

Well I am off, I have to get those pigtails in.

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