Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Comedy of Errors...

One thing I hate about a project is getting ready to do something, only to find, you need some sort of item to complete the task, or have something go was wrong midstream..

Anyway, So I have a truck full of sand.

So I imediatly unbury my shovel, and my wheel barrow. And i seriously think to myself, "ok I am ready".

So I gather up the Collective, put them in the front seat of the truck (SO I can see them) and we back the truck up to my back gate. (Do not worry, I was in the yard driving 30 feet). I thought I ruled because the truck "just" fits the gate....just. I got it the first try. " I rule."

We then get out of the truck and I realize "crap I need the damn wheel barrow and shovel?" Crap. "you do not rule you are an idiot". So I go in the garage, and lift the wheel barrow over the gate and put it in the gate. A very awkward move.

OK, I am ready to go. I lower the gate of the pick up bed, and I seriously think for a moment that all of the sand is going to come out and bury me like a loony tunes cartoon. It doesn't, because it is too wet. Wet sand = heavy sand.

I fill the wheel barrow. I go to push it, and think "nice wussy, this load is not that heavy" I proceed to start scooping it out. Only to discover a flat tire. "yeah, you should have checked that before you filled it ding dong".

Find the air pump.

Filled the tire, imagine it exploding in my face in another very loony toonesque way. It did not explode, and it was 90% easier to push.

The good news 30% of the sand is unloaded.

In other good news, I do not hurt. Which proves to me that rreking across the Southestern United States with 2 children and a months worth of luggage is physical work.

I'm hoping to finish this off today sans snags...

The neighbors are snoopy, as usual. They are finding my truck backed up to the fence a regular curiosity. We had more walkers by and drivers by last night than i could shake a stick out. I did not know my neighbors had such long necks!!

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