Sunday, June 10, 2007

Mother Tucker

There is a difference between cold weather tucking in, and hot weather tucking in, I learned this from my Mother.

In the winter, blankets and sheets are tucked around the little person to keep them snug and warm. Hands should be able to escape for a final goodnight hug.

In the summer, the blanket and sheet should be brought in the air, and with a slight snap, they will fall with a gentle wooooooosh...that cools one of enough to sleep.

The summer tucking has began, and Sir Rowland asked me about it.

Sir Rowland: "I like that refreshing breeze when you tuck like that."

AWTM: "I used to like it when I was little too, that is how my Mom used to tuck me in."

Sir Rowland: "How did your Mom die?"

AWTM: "Well she had a terrible disease called cancer, and she fought for a long time, but it just kept getting worse, and she just got tired. You know, she got to meet you, and she loved you soooo much, she would hold and hold you, she thought you were the most beautiful baby ever."

Sir Rowland: "And then she died, and there was a funeral, and we put flowers on her grave."

AWTM: (thinking this baby has been to more funerals than some grown people I know)

Sir Rowland: "Well Mom, it is OK, because Jesus made us another Grandma."

AWTM: "We are lucky aren't we?" "Good night my sweet boy."

Sir Rowland: "Can you tuck me in again?"

AWTM: "sure."

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