Monday, June 11, 2007

3 hours?

The Collective have vacation bible school today. Well at least, lets hope so. The ages are 4-12. Pink Ninja comes in at 3. I went ahead and registered her in hopes they will let her participate. Sir Rowland is looking forward to it, and so is Pink Ninja. Praying they will let her stay.

If they do, I have 3 hours.

Yup, that is right 3 hours.

3 hours!

3 hours.

Frankly, there should be no reason I shouldn't get toilets scrubbed, dishwasher unloaded, or all of this laundry done.

3 hours.

Did I mention it is 3 hours?

Did I mention it will be 3 hours, everyday this week?

15 hours.

The only thing is, I had no idea, otheriwse I would have made a dental and hair appointment.

15 hours this week, alone, in the house?

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