Monday, June 25, 2007

Random Crappola....

I am currently sitting in a makeshift pit-stop that The Collective have made for The tricycle, and the little motorcycle. I blew Pink Ninjas tube out of her front bicycle tire the other day. Don't ask, I have no idea how it happened. I do not think it was from overfilling. I do think it had something to do with the stem thingy. However she is fine, and riding her tricycle all over the place.

Sir Rowland, is enjoying his motorcycle. His bike, is making him nervous. He is terrified of falling. Terrified. So I am not going to push it. He used to hate the motorcycle. It is motorized, and when he was small, the noise freaked him out.

I am thinking a big wheel might be a good thing to build confidence. Do they even make big wheels any longer? I have not seen one in ages, they keep making bikes smaller and smaller, so I only see bikes, even for tiny folks.

The bad news about that the motorcycle, it doesn't seem to be holding a charge. I am unsure if it is the battery, or the fuse? I wish I was more "handy" with mechanical things.

DH is due here late late Friday night. He will be here for a very quick 2 1/2 day visit. I was hoping to have all things caught up and done, so I would not immediately hand him a honey do list.

Ha! Currently he has to help me move a chest of drawers into Sir Rowland's room, and a dresser into Pink Ninjas room. Sounds easy but they are of the Dutch Modern variety and will need to have legs put back on, etc. plus the darn things are heavy. They were my parents set, but my Father's Girlfriend wanted them out of the house. (understandably so, I suppose).

There are a few projects that I need to complete, before DH comes home. It seems as though I am always going through children's clothes. Always. They outgrow things quickly.

My Sister is supposed to come for a visit in July, and I think I am going to use her visit for a garage sale. HAWT, of course it will be. Sir Rowland has been planning a lemonade and cookie stand for almost a year. I promised him, he could do it, if and when we had a garage sale. Of course, I thought this would be simple. However, as with all things Sir Rowland, he is trying to convince me, that we should provide different flavors of lemonade, and different kinds of cookies. I have convinced him that 1/2 of the proceeds should go the Academy's new playground. He agreed. Now if I can convince him, straight lemonade, and plain ole chocolate chip cookies are fine. The items for the garage sale seem to accumulate daily. I seem to notice immediately, as our home is on the smallish side, and with no basement. So as soon as something goes unused, I try and find another home for it. I normally take things to the neighbors, church, someplace. However with Sir Rowland getting ready to attend private school, I am sure the extra little bit can help with "something". Also great for a lesson in economics, and free enterprise for The Collective.

Anyway, as always the list the never ending list, that turns into...If You Give A Mouse a Cookie thing.

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