Saturday, June 09, 2007

Food LOG

My God, I think I am going to start blogging about Sir Rowlands increasing appetite.

2 nights ago for dinner he consumed 3 tuna salad sandwiches, carrots and a salad.

Last night he he ate 4 pieces of pizza.

Today he ate

2 bowls raisin bran
2 pieces toast with butter

1 apple
1 banana

(he went to the pantry and got 3 small cans which contained, black olives, corn, and mushrooms, and requested a "legendary salad". Do not ask me where he got this idea.)

I went ahead and made a lettuce salad, with 5 cherry tomatoes, and put his "legendary ingrediants on it, ranch dressing and some cheese.

1 Legendary salad

I left the inside of the house with Pink Ninja, and we wandered to the front flower beds, to weed. Pink Ninja goes into the house to powder her nose, and comes back out telling me Sir Rowland is into something. I found him sitting at the kitchen table with a gallon of ice cream and a spoon.

unaccounted amount of ice cream

2 bowls scooped by Mom

1/2 quart strawberries

1/2 t-bone steak
1 salad
5 carrots

He is 5 folks...

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vw bug said...

Baw hahahaha.