Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Dog speaks Dutch

We started off the morning here with a breakfast, that included a scumptious pineapple. I love pineapple, and it is affordable right now. The 3 of us, ate almost the entire pineapple for breakfast. Yum.

Off to the library for the summer reading program. Today's topic stranger danger. A hard topic to be certain, especially when ages range from 18 month olds to 9 year olds. The good news is Sir Rowland, who hates discussing stranger danger did quite well. He also sat through the entire lecture without antsing around, or flapping his hands. They brought a police dog in as well, and Sir Rowland loves the police dogs. We are able to watch them train once in a while, when the police happen to be at the park when we are. Today his questions were appropriate. He wanted to know what language the dog understood, which means he recalled the last 2 police dogs we met spoke French and German. Today's dog understood Dutch. Sir Rowland also remembered that these dogs are $$$$, and asked the officer how much money the dog had cost. $9,000.00, for this gorgeous dog. The breed was a Belgian Melinois. Very Pretty. Sir Rowland did excellent to be sure. The library here is excellent, and has provided excellent topics. Pink Ninja seems to do better with these sorts of group activity learning situations. Sir Rowland claims "I am bored", and "this is not interesting" with most things." Today both were good, and were promised ice cream with strawberries as a treat.

Then it was off to Sears for shoes for Sir Rowland. A size 13, and wide as they are long. Like a triple EEE width. Holy Smokes. He does not have his mothers narrow feet. At 5 years old, this seems HUGE to me, no wonder he complains so much about his poor little legs and feet aching at night.

He had to try on 10 pairs. He has a terrible time finding shoes. They cannot have seams, or fit snuggly, anything with laces, anything with a charactor on it. Shoe shopping is best done when Mom and sir Rowland can tolerate it. When the lady finally found him a pair, he hugged her, and said "you always have the solution for me." No shoe shopping for at least a month I hope.

Then we took the escaltor to floor 2, for a dehumidifier. I have been looking for one, (not very hard) for the last 4 years. And as humid as it is here you would think, every store would have one. Not the case. Most hardware stores will order you one, but rarely have them in stock. I did find one. I had to drop $200, but I have one now. I am wondering how long it will take to pull out the humidity from the air? I can laready hear water dripping into the pan.

The air conditioner runs non stop here, so much so, that I lay in bed at night and listen to money screaming as it is flushed down the toilet. Seriously. The electric bills run high here. It was 100$ for the month I was gone. And that my friends was with the air set at 83 while I was gone. Blinds drawn, energy efficient appliances. The thermostat is currently set at 75, and that is about as high as I can tolerate. We get our energy from New Orleans, and as I understand, they are hitting us up for as much money as they can. In fact at the end of summer last year, they announced a straight across the board $50.00 dollar increase on EVERY RESIDENTAIL property. 50$, just to have power. That is before you use any of it. Seems like highway robbery, but until I figure out how to convert The Collectives energy to some form of usable energy...what can I do?

So I am going to try this dehumidifier and see if it costs too much to run, or if it makes a difference in our bills.

I know I have not been quick to run an oven. Dinners have been typical summer fare, salads, sandwiches, fruit, and veggies. The oven heats up Casa De Dust quickly.

Forgive the lapse in blogging over the next few days. It will be light. I have plenty a project here to complete. Tommorow, I swear I am going brunette. WE will see how that goes. Plus I get to take The Collective with me. Should be interesting.

I also have to prepare for DH's arrival. He gets in late late Friday. We are celebrating Father's Day, and Fourth of July. Weekend plans include fishing, Ratitoullie, church, swimming at the pool on post, the park and a picnic, oh and fireworks. Should be fun for The Collective. They miss Daddy, he has not tucked them in since March.

Ladies I do want entires of your red/white/ and blue desserts! (photos as well as recipies might be fun!!) I am looking for the layered dessert recipe with cream cheese in it...yum.

So off to catch up on some things around here.

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Anonymous said...

As a matter of fact, President Obama speaks Dutch too ! Someone told us, it has something todo with Indonesia.

Jonas, NYC.