Monday, April 24, 2006

Why The Mil-Blogging Conference was Important...

I have found myself, quite busy on my return home. My Sister is here, "the collective" missed Mom "terrible", and I them. DH, very busy with very complicated issues at work. So I have been trying to come up with my "take" on the conference.

Besides, thanking Andi, for organizing, what I think may be the largest blog-meet at this time, and the first "conference" there is thanking her, for coming up with the idea. Oh, and for the months and months of hard work. We did not stand, for fun darling.....Thank You. To bring so many like minded people together in one room. It is amazing. It was amazing for me to meet so many other wives, and Moms. I will attempt to do this through the week, by featuring people I was sooo happy and thrilled to meet.

I really wanted to share this. A piece written by Steve Schippert, who was on the first panel of mil-bloggers. Mild mannered, well spoken. I also see I was not the only person, that was touched by Steve's presence on the panel, as well as his blog. So, honestly, I am asking you to go over to ThreatsWatch, and see for yourself. The mil-bloggers, are about honoring service, memory, and spirit. That is why this conference was important.

~Thanks for your service "John".....

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