Sunday, April 16, 2006

Ounce of Prevention

Let me entertain you
Let me make you smile
Let me do a few tricks
Some old and some new tricks
I'm very versatile
And if you're real good
I'll make you feel good
I want your spirits to climb
So let me entertain you
And we'll have a real good time, yes sir
We'll have a real good time

So I got the damn tree trimmed today. Entertaining, to be sure. Me, and one of those long handled tree trimmers. Yeah, hilarious. A couple of the neighbors drove by just to watch. I did not get killed by a branch. Oh sure I got hit in the head a few times. No real injuries. My hands are just plain shot. arms look like I was in a cat fight.
Just my luck the neighbor across the street,(who is also a lesbian, so I call her nesbian) is having a garage sale. A busy garage sale. So I not only trimmed the tree, I entertained the nesbain, and all of her customers. I should have asked for a cut of the garage sale profits.
The most interesting customer I got to see, was driving a white Chevy truck, with a magnet sign on the sign that said "tarot readings". I was very curious to see what the "tarot reader" bought, but missed it.
Too many branches to be sure. Today was a great lesson, in an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure....

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