Sunday, April 16, 2006

Putting all of our eggs in one basket.....

Happy Easter morning.

"The Collective" woke this morning to find the Easter Bunny left bicycles, I chocolate bunny per child, and eggs filled with jelly beans hidden all over the back yard. Grandma also sent matching play clothes for the day , photos should be coming. there will lots of candy and choclolate smeared faces. The Easter egg hunt. A HIT......especially for Dash.

Ham -check
Pretty Salad- check
Hash Brown cassarole- check
Green beans-check
Roasting ears-check
Iced Tea-check
deviled eggs-almost done
Coconut cake- check

I carried "the collective's" small table out and found a small pretty light blue embroidered table cloth, and cut my white iris's this morning and put them in a vase for them. DH had bought my a gorgeous spring colored dozen roses, and they are opening so beautifully. I just had to put them on the big table. The patio is covered with pollen, despite my almost daily attempts to sweep. So I took my sudafed and swept the back.

The climbing white rose I bought in memory of my Mother is finally planted, below my kitchen window, and is fitting the trellis beautifully.

Our first Easter in our home in a while. So difficult for me to recollect where the time has gone.

I think it should be a wonderful day, and I hope the children remember Easter fondly...

Now back to those eggs.....

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