Monday, April 03, 2006

Hanging On....

I haven't posted about my brother much. He is the families Golden Boy, seemed that whatever he touched turned to gold. Nice guy, great athelete nice looking, popular and well liked. So yeah, you kinda see where we might have an issue with one another. I am kinda a scrapper, stubborn, and independent. My Brother and I might be cut from the same cloth, but we are really different people.

Anyway, so when we were headed to t-ball I call "Uncle Rico" (He would totally hate that I am calling him Rico, so I am going to ). Anyway so I call Uncle Rico, and tell him we are on the way to the ball diamond. I give Dash the phone, and Uncle Rico gives him baseball advice.

T-ball wasn't exactly a hit today.

So, after the game I panicked, and I talked myslef into a tree, not really a typical Army Wife move, but I have been known to do so on occassion.

Guess who talked me out of the tree? Uncle Rico. I think it was a first. I am ussually the member of the family that is the "reasonable" one. However, I am telling you, sometimes when it comes to my children, I am uber sensative. I think ten steps ahead. Even when I know better. I like to think ahead, I do not like surprises. It is not my style.

I was reminded today, that sometimes when you think ten steps ahead, you can't hang on to your children's hands.

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