Saturday, April 08, 2006

Aerobic shopping.....

is not fun.

Dear Husband took Dash to see Ice Age The Meltdown, this afternoon. I thought, it would be a good time to 1)pick up air filters at the hardware store. 2) Figure out what size jeans I need.

So I pack up Pink ninja. Who really should be tired. You see I spent the morning, at least 4 hours at the park with Dash and Pink Ninja this morning, we ran, and played for 4 hours. We even attended the dedication of the Veterans Memorial at the park. We collected caterpillars. A busy day for all.

I really thought my two year old daughter would show a certain degree of gratitude, by acting like a big girl at the store.

Ha, she sweet talked me out of the cart, and then

Yeah, that was all she wrote.

Shopping, an aerobic activity. Great for the body, I am sure. Not great with a "worn out" looking Mom who spent the morning at the park, with only a smidgen of powder bronzer on, and lipstick and some of my naturally curly hair in a clip. (the other hair unable to fit in the clip looking windblown and wild. I really wanted to "BLEND". One cannot blend while chasing a giggling 2 1/2 year old girl.

I wasn't in the mood, I grabbed her up, and lectured her the entire way to the truck.

There was a pair of $150 dollar jeans, on sale for $29.00......and they were cute. I was sooooo busy chasing Pink Ninja, the jeans are in a cart crying out for me as I type........

However, I might have to thank her for helping me loose and extra cm or 2....

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