Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Why The Hilton Corp. needs to take notice......

I met Mary Ann from soldiers Angels Germany, Friday night at Fran's. I even had the pleasure of sitting with her over cocktails. I have an entirely separate post about Soldiers Angels coming.

However, if you read anything today, you must read this.

"The atmosphere was... Incredible. There were diners doing the limbo under a crutch. I saw Paul Wolfowitz sitting at a table. A Marine at the bar desperately needed his missing right arm to complete the hand motions for a dance, and yelled "arm!"

I also met FBL, and had the pleasure of speaking with her. However our visit was not nearly long enough. I also hope I took the time to thank her as well. She also writes a fantastic piece about the visit to Frans.

Then he paused and after a moment said, "Now to the f***ers upstairs, with a look to the ceiling. The crowd murmured and muttered, boos and growls erupted. The next few minutes he spoke with anger and even more animation. Swearing a blue streak and staring at each of us in turn as he continued to stalk around the bar, he added, I'm telling you, don't you ever spend a dollar in a Hilton hotel again.

Thanks for the great reminder ladies, you put it eloquently.

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