Wednesday, April 05, 2006


I have a new one to add to the list. According to the MRI, and my Orthopedist. I am missing a 2mm piece out of my patella. Either by an injury, or a gentic accident. However a 2mm piece of missing bone is not likely the culprit of the swelling and pain. Although it could be causing the plica to be catching just right on my patella. It is likely a "soft" ligament. Which will have to be investigated and repaired by orthoscipic surgery, and will likely have me "out" for about 2-3 weeks. So due to my own choice. I am going to wait until fall. I am not taking myself out of my "battle of the bulge" this spring or summer". It ain't happening. Age has made me vain. Vanity has won out. However, if I stick to my daily ibuprofen regime, and come in when I need a steroid shot I can make it to fall. It is currently "doable". If it becomes to much a of a problem, I will DEAL with the knee, however the "imperfection". That was a blow.

the possible problem:

The medial collateral ligament is located on the inside of the knee and is taut when the leg is straightened. It is a strong ligament but can be sprained or completely torn (ruptured) when the straightened leg is twisted at the same time as being knocked sidewards. This can be during a contact sport, as with a football tackle, or without contact, as can happen in a fall while skiing.

The injured knee is painful and swollen, especially on the medial (inner) side. By examining the knee and seeing how much the lower leg can be moved outwards, while the upper leg is held still, doctors can usually establish how badly the ligament is sprained. Grade I (a sprain) and grade II (partial tear) injuries of the ligament, are more painful than a complete (grade III) tear. Many grade I or II sprains will heal by themselves. A grade III tear usually requires surgery.

*note* I do note play football or ski

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