Sunday, April 30, 2006

Not Your Mother

When it rains, or is too cold or too hot. I will run "the collective" down to Barnes and Noble. I will try and enjoy a cup of chai, and catch up on reading. "The collective" will read, or play trains. We normally NEVER do this on a weekend.

Yesturday, the rain had squashed all plans of yard work, so all members of Casa De Dust-inclusing DH, made the trip.

First of all TOO many people. Too many unsupervised children, being VERY NAUGHTY- and disrespecting property. It drove me NUTS. We even met a little boy with a gold necklace, must have been 4 or 5, he told us "my dad has weapons, and will kill you". Oh, and the little gold necklace clad heathen said it in front of his Mom. Nice huh? I am sure this little boy has a bright future.

Another thing that had me freaked out, the number of books strewn all over the floor, torn up, and being walked on. Seriously made my skin crawl. My argument for homeschooling grew yesturday.

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