Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Funny what I remember

*photo taken 2 days after our wedding 15 years ago, at Dear Husbands Grandparents home. Dearest Husband had been home about 1 week from Desert Storm after a 9 month deployment. Dear Husband's favorite photo*

Today is the day we celebrate 15 years of marriage. I still cannot believe I am old enough to be married 15 years.

It is funny what I remember from our wedding day.

I remember, getting ready in my apartment in Lincoln, Nebraska.

I remember, my Dear Husband buying my shoes to be married in. I still own them and wear them. Ivory pumps...

I remember, wearing my roommate's gold barrette.

I remember, Dear Husband walking into my apartment with my wedding bouquet. (I had seriously forgot about the flowers.)

I remember it rained, so instead of the little park, we were married at my church.

I remember my room mate telling me, "if it rains on your wedding day, you will be rich someday".

I remember, how handsome Dear Husband looked in his maroon beret.

I remember, my roommate had a camera, otherwise, we would have no photos.

I remember, borrowing a ring for Dear Husband, because I was not done paying for his.

I remember, having a nip to calm down before going to the church.

I remember the drive.

I remember being glad that we chose to make it private.

I remember saying "until death parts us"........And understanding what that meant. I remember crying one tear at that time. Because it meant...One of us would die, and leave the other one someday.......

I remember hoping "until death parts us"....Would be after 80 years.

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