Friday, April 14, 2006

Get Your Hair Did

It is a long time coming....

When Dearest Husband went off to war, I chopped my hair off. Off. I am unsure why I did it. I am unsure if there was a sort of sociologic response, or if it was pregnancy hormones....

So, I have spent the last year or so trying to grow it back.

With each pregnancy, my hair became darker and darker. My natural hair color....although I can see an unsightly 2 inches of it at my roots. (yes 2 inches of root....faux paux).....It is almost black. My brown hair hair has turned black. With a smattering of 5-15 gray hairs at my crown, which get plucked out by me.

The concensus on my new very brunette hair. Ick, all my close family and friends, prefer my locks to be of caramel color. So, I have given in and will get it colored.

So I am off to Nula's today. It is been a while. I need a trim, and color, and style. She will be horrified to see the 2 inches of roots. Maybe I should wear a cap.

However I do sit here, and wonder why I cut my hair off, when I sent my husband off to war. Was it as simple as it being easier to care for? Or was it more than that?
In WWII, it was said short hair and bobs became a look because of a hairpin shortage, women were going to work. Native Americans cut their hair to mourn....

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