Sunday, April 16, 2006


I spent this Easter Day looking at my children. Some mornings I wake to find them looking much bigger than the day before. Today, was one of those days. Dash seeming tall, Pink Ninja is just legs and arms. Pink Ninja with her duck fuzz blonde hair. Dash getting freckles across the bridge of his nose. Today was the kind of day that makes me tear up watching them.

There were fantastic moments. To see Dash running throught the yard with the huge Easter basket, collecting eggs. My child who is unable to see the trees from the forrest. Yes, he located eggs.

Pink Ninja on the swing, with Easter Jewelry on, and a dandelion in each hand swinging herself contentedly on the swing. Anxious to kiss and hug me every 15 minutes.

The kids even took turns pushing one another in the swing. Yes I managed some pictures of that.

Dash even asked me to walk with him while he rode his bike down the street. He was greeted by about 4 neighborhood "older" kids, telling him they loved his cool bike. He asked them, "would you like to be my traveling companions?". They rode with him for a while. It was nice of them, it was very confidence building for him to ride a big bike with big kids.

So tonight I mop up my kitchen floor, and a couple of tears as well.

I was warned they would grow fast.

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