Sunday, April 02, 2006

Springing Forward

The time change, is officially screwing with me, I sit here blogging and see it is 11:37pm. Damn. I hate "springing forward". It is my least favorite day of the year, just ask DH.

Today was Sunday, which meant drill weekend for DH, and t-ball day. Drill weekends are long, and remind me of DH's deployments. I grew accustomed to despising the weekend, really. While he was gone I dreaded the weekend. So drill weekends, remind me of the deployment. Probably not a bad thing entirely, in actuality the weekends serve as a reminder of promises, I made myself.

T-ball,now there is a story I am not up for telling at this late hour. I will not go into details here, it was a long day. I spent most of the day re-hashing events of the day with DH, family and friends, and in my head. In short, Dash really does not want to play t-ball right now. T-ball is a SLOW game for 4 year olds. A lot of down time. Some kids are ok with this, Dash is not. I think our Sundays will be better spent playing ball in the back yard, going to the park, or going to a fishing hole. When he is ready he will let me know. I am ok with this decision tonight as I sit hear listening to the wind, thunder and rain. We gave it a try, and it is ok.

April has turned into a busy month here, the calendar full of appointments of all types, for all members of the house. Lots of family flying in and out. We have our wedding anniversary coming up. 15 years.....15 years. I, am old enough to have been married 15 years. I don't feel a day over 20, except for this damn knee of mine which by the looks of the calendar will be taken care of in a couple of days. Too bad the Dr. Can't do anything about the mirror, it has been a long day.

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