Friday, April 28, 2006

A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Conference

So I show up at Fran O Brians, and right away I recognize Some Soldiers Mom. Who immediately lets out a scream, I do the stompy thing, and we scream and hug one another.

Here is the rest of the Conversation that follows....

(Oh, SSM, if this is not accurate let me know....Everything a little blurry after meeting like 150-200 people in 72 hours)

Me: "I recognized you right away, I want a hug"

SSM: "Oh Homefront 6!" (continues squeezing)

Me: "ArmyWifeToddlerMom"

SSM: (scream, pulls back looks at me again, more squeezing)

SSM: "see that blonde guy over in the corner, go over and give him a hug, tell him SSM sent you"

Me: (walking over to SOM DH, hugging him) "Hey SSM, sent me over I am AWTM"

SSM DH: "Who is SSM? This is my first time here. Who are you?"

Me: Thinking (Jesus, I have done it again, I have humiliated myself in public again! I kept thinking to myself, I really need to stay at home more and more. Seems as if every time I leave the house, there is some sort of misadventure. I am hugging random men at a bar...JESUS help me.)~yeah it seems I hugged the right guy. He was totally screwing with me. Just you wait Mr. Next time I am gonna get you sucka!

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