Saturday, April 15, 2006

I'm Positive

I woke this morning, and tried to drink enough coffee to wake up.....and then it was off to 8:15am pilates....

Ygh. I do not like to excercise in the morning.

So I get to class, and the instructor says.

Peppy: "Oh, ArmyWife, I thought you would have the kids at the park on the Easter egg hunt?"

Me: (eyes still looking like almonds) "crap, I forgot".

Fast Forward to after class.

I need to go to the bank.

I drove into town, to find out bank is closed on Saturday.

So, to turn the trip into something productive and thoughtful, I decide to swing by Starbucks, and pick up skinny lattes for DH and I.

I pull out of Starbucks, and my latte spills all over my truck interior. I managed to save Dear Husbands.


I head over to the library to return a book, and pick up a couple of new books.

They do not have the books I want.


Now, I am headed out to trim my crape myrtle up front, ( I did the back crape myrtle last week).

With my luck today, I might get hit with a branch and die.

I will be out of doors all day, trying to spiff up the back yard for our Easter Celebration.

I need to plant a climbing white rose, and get my trellis for it in the ground. I still have a windchime that needs hanging, a patio to sweep.

Spring, just might kill me.

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