Monday, April 10, 2006

Spring Cleaning.....

There is something about Spring, that is overwhelming to me. The need for everything to be DONE NOW. There is a brightness and a light that comes with Spring, that allows us to see in the corners. The corners need scrubbing, the house needs a good pressure washing, flower beds in need of a weeding, and fertilizing, pots need to be filled to the brim with colorful blooms, crape myrtles need pruning, closets that need cleaning, trees that need trimming, hedges need pruning, babies teeth need cleaning, Mom's hair needs to be colored and trimmed, birthday cards sent, anniversary gifts bought, Easter ham rounded up, and a menu planned, eggs that need to be colored......Oh, and the Easter Bunny is bringing bikes, that will need to be built, and I want it now....

I want it all done NOW!! NOW...And I promise you, the last 3 days have left me.....Just tired. Plain old fashioned exhausted.

The weekend was a long one here at the Casa De Dust. Lots of catching up that needed to be done, and there was t-ball. Yep, I gave in to some good advice, and we went back. Dash did fine, made a couple of base hits, made it to the bases, wore the helmet, got a name for his team (The Braves), and most IMPORTANT---HE HAD A BLAST!!

Today I spent most of the day preparing Dash for "his first trip" to the Dentist. (We had been before, but were sent home, because it took to long to coax him in the door. No easy task. ) In fact, I have been preparing him for a while now. We have read every book, we have read so much about the Dental profession, that it is now his #1 choice in profession, followed by engineer.

So, we spent the morning, coaxing him into the office, then into his room, and then into the chair, and then sitting back in the chair ad naseum..... Dash is brilliant, but he does not ever see the "trees in the forest", he sees alllllll of the forest, and then tries to decipher any pattern, and wants to know the purpose of every leaf, every cloud, any irregularities are noted ALWAYS.

So he made it through his cleaning. The bright lights, the cameras, the instruments in his mouth, the crinkle sound of the plastic on the chair, and the plastic bib, and the electric chair......all of it.. after about 1 1/2 hours, and then a cavity was found.......which meant, we have to do this AGAIN....

I convinced them, that today would be the best day for this, otherwise, we would have to do this again.....and NO ONE wanted to do this again.....

So I bribed the collective with McDonalds, and the Park.......and from about 10:30-2:30. We all played at the park only to return to the Dentist.

Guess what, we had to do the same rigamarole AGAIN.......and this time with the added bonus of a nitrous oxide mask, and a drill. Fun, really a great time was had by all. I had Pink Ninja climbing on my back while I straddles the Dentist chair, rubbing Dashes legs and hands......

repeating this....Open big like a crocodile.

and hearing Dash say:

"Mom, this gas, is refreshing".

I have a Polaroid of Dash with the mask on....Poor little guy.

I wish they would have given me the mask instead.....It was seriously exhausting.

The good news, no tears.

Dash described himself to the Dental staff as "brave and shy".

and I will agree.

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