Monday, April 24, 2006


A lot of talk at the mil-blogging conference about "sexy". Making a story "sexy", "sex-selling", MSM's infatuation with "sexy" stories. So, Jimbo offers to Mr. Blackfive's t-shirt babe. Mr. Blackfive declined the offer, thinking it was simply a bad idea based on the "audience" of Blackfive. So Uncle Jimbo offered to be my t-shirt babe.

I told him, my readers would have the ULIMATE say, all 20 of you NEED to let me know. Hot babe, or Jimbo. Plus, I do not think it is very fiscally responsible or wise to get 20 pink cap sleeved t-shirts with Jim as the model.

I think Marketing research is in order. This may be just another way Uncle Jimbo wants to dominate the blogging universe. First the mil-bloggers, and now the Mom-bloggers. I must investigate this Uncle Jimbo character further.

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Anonymous said...

The hot babe definitely has my vote!!! More please!