Thursday, April 27, 2006

I did not burst into flames, but I may have the mark of the devil....

My Dearest Sister is till in town visiting. Today cold front. Very strange, since it was like 95 degrees about 7 days ago. So we have to find an indoor activity. My Dear Sister chose the "Clinton Presidential LIEbrary". I have not ever been, so I give in, and decide what the hell.

First of all yes it totally looks like a trailer house, a fancy one, but just a trailer.

So we gather "the collective" and head in. I think it was 13$ to get in, tooooo much. They also offered no military discounts to military dependents.

So, I walk in with my "tickets", and they give us stickers, which I refuse to apply to to any of our clothing, and then I was asked to put on the sticker by a security person. Apparently "a sticker" means I am "ok" to be in the LIEbrary". (thank God for 21st century technology, shit all we need are stickers?)

We enter, and I do not burst into flames, even though I refused to put "said stickers" on my offspring.

My impressions of the place were, boy this is SIMPLE, laid out simply. Crazy shit all over the place, an actual recording of Former President Clinton talking about "the success of the gun ban", I almost puked.

I ran through most of it, because frankly it is "the LIEbrary", and is filled with them. I did note a small section dedicated to Whitewater, Impeachment, and other scandalous issues. I also noted only about a paragraph on each topic. Which totally had me reeling with laughter. My laughter did not sit well with the other visitors to the LIEbrary.

In typical fashion I noted one paragraph about the impeachment. However, there was an entire section devoted to "gifts people had sent to the Former President". Do you know there are 3 paintings of sox the cat, and in said paintings sox is playing the saxophone? Yeah one paragraph on the impeachment, and 3 paintings of a cat playing a fucking saxophone.

Those crazy democrats, they always amaze me.

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