Sunday, July 17, 2005

You saved my life: episode 320

While sleeping sweetly, haunches curled into my lovers hips, snug under down I was awakened. Screams of terror. I quickly look at the clock. It is 2:07 am. I discern the cries and screams are from Pink Ninja. I shake off the sleep, and prepare myself emotionally for the following:

poopy diaper
sick baby
arm or leg caught in crib

Before I enter the room, I conclude that she is probably lying on her cast.

She is standing up in crib, face tear stained, screaming. Terrified. ALMOST hyperventilating. I look to the floor, which is her focus and I find the culprit.

A 2 1/2 foot tall Teddy Bear face down on her floor, I am sure this scoundrel was crawling, and was about to climb into the crib and attack poor Pink Ninja. It is a good thing she woke up, and started screaming loudly enough to alert Mommy.

I wrap her in her white afghan, and try and soothe her, I validate her feelings of terror. I pick the bastard bear off of the floor, and stuff him into a box. I carry Pink Ninja to the Master Suite where there is not a bear in sight.

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