Sunday, July 31, 2005

List of things to do today.....

1) Go to Seans site, and wish him and Tragic well. I think they are married by now. I am sure they will post photos in the next couple of weeks. Give each other a soft place to fall, the World is rough enough, without being being rough on each other......

2) Go to see Luke, and wish him well on his endevours, the guestbook is finally up. I see he has already had a couple of nasty trolls. Please go lend support to him, and tell him thanks. I am sure he would love it, if you gave him a link, or even bought a copy.

3) Clean my house and prepare it for Dear Husbands family. They are coming for a reunion!!! Brother in Law visiting, while trying to shake Afghanistan off. He is bringing my neices, who I have not seen since I was pregnant with Dash. I must go food shopping as well. It is a good time to host a week long party. I feel rested, and there is plenty of corn on the cob and watermelon around to make meals EASY!! My Mother in Law is coming as well. We will be taking a load of photos, and video. Who knows when we will be able to visit again?

4) I need some snuggle time with Dear Husband.....some serious time alone.

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