Sunday, July 24, 2005

Rendevous in Memphis

I was told by at least 6 people to EAT at Rendevous in Memphis. A rib joint that has been in a back alley since 1938. All 6 people that had suggested I eat these ribs were also well trusted people. These were supposed to be THE BEST.

Well guess what, I did not care for the ribs, at the Rendevous. Oh and before you say anything, nope it wasn't the dry rub, it was the way the ribs were prepared. They just were not smokey enough for this girl. It was like eating "slow roasted pork, not barbecued pork. I like roasted pork, but I can do that at home. I also thought that the service was not what it should have been.

Maybe I am spoiled. I have access to great barbecue here in town. If you ever pass through Little Rock, you have to stop at "The Whole Hog". Yummy. They also give the men in uniform 50% off, which always gets a HOOO-ah from this house. There are great barbecue joints all over here. All pretty good too.

When people visit our home, they ALWAYS request a trip to "The Whole Hog", always good food, and when they aren't swamped, Mike will give you a tour of his CLEAN kitchen, and you will get to see his cooking in action.

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