Sunday, July 17, 2005

Sister arrives bright and early!!

My Sister arrives in town tomorrow morning. She is here for 2 weeks, she was in desperate need of a vacation. The last time was about a year ago, she came to help me for a couple weeks during Dear Husbands deployment. She is unable to have children, is 7 years older than I , and LOVES these babies. So she will spoil them, and play with them, and give me a little breathing room I hope. I also have some projects to get done round here. I have some "spot painting" to do, closets that need cleaning, curtains to take down and wash. Her presence here, will free me up to get some of the "deep cleaning done". Don't worry, it is not all business. We are planning some shopping trips, and fun things as well. It is too damn hot to do much in the way of out of doors activities. We are going to give it a try though. I miss my Sister, she is about 12 hours away by car. I go visit as often as I can, but it has been difficult traveling alone with 2 toddlers. I am homesick for company, she is dying to eat my cooking. I can cook just like our Mom. So I will be taking requests! Our relationship has evolved since Mother's passing. Our relationship seems so much better now. I think we were too busy competing for Mom when she was alive. We would knock ourselves out for that woman, and it always seemed like it wasn't enough. We are fine with all of that, we have talked about it at length. Mom just didn't know any different.

I will pack up the children and take them to the airport for "an activity". Dash, loves the airport. Has a fondness for the escalator, baggage claim, and just the buzz of the place. Maybe, it is because he has frequented airlines so often. I am unsure what Pink ninja will think of the place, she has been experiencing some separation anxiety, which is pretty typical for her age. The clinging to Mom, got worse after Dear Husbands trip to England. She appears to be a little upset by the trip. This has thrown us for a loop. We were not expecting this from the "happy, and laid back" Pink Ninja.

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