Thursday, July 14, 2005

Yes they call her the streak~~

Like most babies Pink Ninja LOVES to be naked. Most babies do. This has become more complicated recently by the fact that she can undress self, at will. We are also potty training, so she is in pull ups, and can take them off easily. So through the day I will find her in various stages of "undress". Today I found her with her dads baseball hat on, my tennis shoes, and a pink ribbon as a scarf. Nothing else. She thought she was gorgeous. She was also SO proud of herself. She was beaming. SO I went ahead and left her "outfit" as she wanted. The problem lies here... when it is time to leave the house, and she needs to have clothes on. She tends to protest a bit, she can arch her back, and have limp extremities all at the same time, and now with her arm in a cast she is even more difficult to dress. If she swings the cast just right, I will have officially been hit 9 times with the thing.

I am not used to the "naked baby" thing. Dash, is hypersensative, wired a little tight at times. (Wonder who he gets that from?) He rarely runs the halls naked begging us to chase him. Whenever he gets out of the tub it is into the towel for a snuggle. He almost immediately will request to be dressed. "Mom I need clothes, I am naked and cold." He is not interested in dashing through the house squealing. He wants his "pajamas on". He knows the routine, he will help us pick out books, turn down the lights, and go to the reading chair. Meanwhile Pink Ninja is screaming, and giggling, and beaming, and would love to be engaged in a chasing game, or climbing game.

I think she may be feral.

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