Thursday, July 21, 2005

Ribs, Elvis, Blues

The lack of Posting is due to a couple of things. First of all My Sister does not know of my blog, Second, I have been taking full advantage of having help here, and have been "sleeping in", slacking, letting Aunt Ne' entertain toddlers. I feel LAZY. AAHHHHH.

I have managed to get the truck cleaned out, french fries, cheerios and all. ick. I also have managed to go on 2 bike rides with Dear Husband. We even went to a movie together, first one since Dash was 3 weeks old. We ended up going to Wedding Crashers...Which was hilarious for about 30 minutes. I had tears coming down my face for 30 minutes, and then it turned into boring and predictable.

Today I need to CLEAN, deep CLEAN. Not fun.

Dear Husband is kicking us out of the house for the weekend. We are headed to Memphis, for a girls only weekend. Hoooray......Any suggestions folks?

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