Monday, July 04, 2005

Fourth of July

Dash and Pink Ninja at Fourth of July parade in our hometown. As you can see they loved the candy, and are both instant gratification junkies. They didn't care how much candy was thrown they're way as long as they had something to chew on. Dash found a tree snake prior to the parade and wanted me to put it in my purse. I declined. I can NEVER get a great photo of them together, this holiday, was no exception. Oh by the way, he is not raising his fist to hit his sister, or out of anger. He has a hand full of candy, and wanted the World to see.

This year's Fourth of July theme was "honoring those who serve". I was thrilled to see so many in the crowd thanking these service members. Felt bad that they had to march in the heat AGAIN. Maybe next year the town will buy them each a cold drink.  Posted by Picasa

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