Saturday, July 30, 2005

She is leaving on a jet plane...

Yesturday, I woke late again.

My Sissy had gotten up with the children AGAIN!! SLEEP, after 7am....ahhhhh gotta love it!! My Sissy took Pink and Dash out to play, and I folded laundry one time, and put it away. I made the bed one time, without a giggling toddler climbing into it, just because "they" know it gets my goat. There were no toys on the floor in the morning, I did not trip on a mega-block, baby-doll. I did not trip or cuss under my breath once.

I then got in my truck ALONE, and drove to my salon, had a cup of coffee leisurely, and thumbed through trashy magazines. I was even offerred a glass of wine, although I thought it a bit hedonistic to drink before 11:00, so I declined.

Over the last couple weeks while my Sissy has been here, My Sister and Dear Husband SPOILED me ROTTEN. I got to sleep late, go out to eat a lot....I went to a movie with Dear Husband alone. My Sister and I went to our first movie together since I think I was 9 or something, we couldn't remember. (Although we think the movie was a Pippi Longstocking mantinee.) I got 2 bike rides. My Dear Husband, ironed his own pants, and took me to a 3 hour dinner with friends. Dined on lamb, and fried polenta. Delish.

Heck I even went on 2 long walks with my Sister, got to go to yolates, Memphis.....I feel better.

I feel a little more girly, refreshed, and rested.

Thanks guys I OWE you both.

I wish every Mom I knew, could get that sort of break.

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