Thursday, March 05, 2009

Thursday means the week is almost over...

This is good news, although the week flew by.

I have been a little grumpy, just ask DH, who has to deal with me. I think Monday and Tuesday wore me out, I am better now.

Hoping to catch ya up on the Science Fair tonight.

It is beautiful out right now. Gorgeous!! Who thought I would think 44 degrees is short sleeve weather! It is supposed to be 61 by noon.

No wonder the kids have bronchitis.


I am ahead of the curve this morning, beds are actually made, everyone is fed, and dressed, and in good spirits...

I am trying to figure out how SR got mud all over his shoes....must have been at recess yesterday. Leave it to him to find a big mud puddle....

Things are good.

DH and I are watching Season 2 of Deadwood again....I love it.

I am off to work in a short sleeved blouse, and skirt!!

I am going to have to do Spring shopping soon. The girls told me the office is HOT in summmer...they said it is terrible. ICK. I thought I could manage with lightweight sweater sets, sadly this will not work...

must come up with another plan. I figure skirts will be nice.

Must come up with some sort of budget...

I have NO summer clothes...tank tops and cut offs... that will not work in the office.


Samantha said...

I just saw that Sara Horn, founder of Wives of Faith, is giving away copies of her new ebook on Monday. The book is called the Busy Book and in it she shares different ways a military spouse can stay busy during a deployment. Ideas are found in one of four areas: physical, mental, social and spiritual. She even out web links to help with the 99 ways,

All you have to do is add a comment to her blog, telling her one way you stay busy during a deployment. You do not have to currently be in a deployment to enter the contest or to win. Tell your friends!

Guard Wife said...

We can come up with a budget together...I think you'll be surprised once you start looking, especially if you watch things on-line, there are lots of ways to add to the wardrobe and save some jack. :)

I'm exhausted.

I'm glad tomorrow is Friday, but I'm not ready for the weekend to be over yet & that's the inevitable end to any week. Ugh!