Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Yesterday it was 77 degrees.

Very hard to believe considering that it was neg 9 just a few days ago.

When The Collective escaped school, we came home, had a snack and headed to the park, which is walking distance.

Really amazing out.

The Collective played, and played and played.

I think we left the park at 6:15.

Today there is more nice weather, which means I need to trim some shrubs, plants, grasses and trees. This should not be hard, I am only hoping to find my trimmers, and pruners... where are they?

The Collective also agreed to pick up all debris, for a price. I think this is fine, as they have chores, and yes I pay them. I also have made it a habit to pay them daily for completion instead of once weekly. I think this is a good motivator for them.

I was not paid for chores when growing up, there was no allowance of any kind. And i understood what my parents were trying to do. There are just certain things you are expected to add to the house, without payment....

However, I think they do it with a cheerful disposition when they recieve something back.

PN is a whiz at dishes,making her bed, and putting her laundry away. SR, well he needs extra prodding.

I have felt under the weather for about 2 1/2 weeks with my IBS, I will not go into detail about it, but it is never fun, and causes extra stress when it flairs up for several reasons. One of those is the fact that my Mother died from colon cancer, the other is...IBS is painful, and not much fun. Eating is not fun, after meals is not much fun either. 2 years ago I took bentyl for it, and I broke down yesterday and asked my physician to consider writing me a script for it.... I will stop at the pharmacy today after picking up SR from school to see if it is ready. I loathe when the IBS flares up....Normally it means I am stressed, but frankly I am not. So I am trying to figure out what triggered this. It will go away eventually.

I am excited about pruning, and cleaning up my several gardens for spring.

Being out of doors!! Ahhhh


Amritas said...

Glad the Collective took advantage of the good weather! Do they play with each other, with other kids, or do they go their separate ways?

Please share pictures of your gardens once they're cleaned up! Or even in progress. I still want to see the view from your living room too.

I'm sorry to read that you're in pain. I had never even heard of IBS until I read today's entry. You could add 'medical information' to your blog's description. I've learned quite a bit here.

Some Soldier's Mom said...

too soon to prune & plant... I'd wait as I think there is one more hit of winter... THEN you can...

Army Wife said...

To soon to plant, but not too soon to prune, my sedum are already coming up, my pussy willows are lovely...

I went ahead and cut all of the dead off of everything up front today. It took longer than i had thought.

I am moving a rosebush to the back, it looks a little wild up front. I am sure by the end of spring, I will have moved a few more things as well

Homefront Six said...

Sorry about the IBS - my family has dealt with it. Digestive issues of any kind suck - BTDT.

Bou said...

Mine flares hormonally now, which it did not before. Just something to think about. Also, my trigger foods have changed. It took me awhile to pin it down.

I'm so glad the weather has changed so they could play outside! My kids are out there right now, burning off the energy and it means they'll sleep well.