Friday, March 20, 2009

My get up and go came and got up and went...

I am just sitting down, and it is indeed 6:25.

I left work, picked up SR from school. Today was pajama day at school, the kids were cute.

I did realize I had to go get Friday groceries before going to pick up PN from school. I could have taken them both, but taking one to the store is enough. I worried about taking SR to the store in his pajamas. But, I figured what the heck and took him. I was glad to see other children that came directly from school instead of just looking like I was lazy, or had no clean clothing to put on the kid. However I was surprised that so many people commented on his pajamas. Note to self, people REALLY do notice what you are wearing, even when you are seven. I guess I did not realize so many people would care...Folks kept coming up to him and saying "what are you doing in your jammies? Did you just wake up?" SR replied to all of them...."Duh? It was pajama day". the "duh" thing has been one of those things he has picked up at school, and I hate it.

He has also picked up things like "its what I do baby, it is what I do", "AWEsome, aweSOME, and other variations of the word...oye.

I got home, and found myself unloading groceries, cooking dinner, cleaning lettuce, washing grapes, strawberries, and all of that business you must do after getting groceries...

We are done with Deadwood, so we are either going to finish watching BSG, or Rome, AGAIN.

We have an Easter egg hunt in the morning.

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Only $19.95 said...

Have you watched The Wire??? Gotta do it!