Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The early bird gets the worm.

"Dash" the 3 year old was up at 5 this morning. He was crying...And I must never get deep sleep, because I heard him. I go in his room, and crawl into his little fire engine bed.

Me: What is wrong baby?

Dash: Why won't you let me drive?

Me: You are too little to drive honey.

Dash: I am not. I am big.

Me: Were you dreaming about wanting to drive?

Dash: No.

Me: It is still night, the moon is out...Go to sleep.

Dash: I love you Mom, why can't I drive?

Me: There is a rule that says you have to be 16.

Dash: I am not tired.

Me: Mommy is tired, everyone is still sleeping.

Dash: You have pretty hair.

Me: Sshhhhh, lets try and sleep.

Dash: OK Mommy.

He never did go back to sleep, and neither did I.


Katy said...

I hate when they wake up that early and do not go back to sleep, but I sure love the cuddeling that goes on while I try to get them back to sleep.

VW said...

We need to live closer so our kids can have a pajama party. That way when they wake up at 4:45am, they can entertain each other and we can get some sleep!!

Oddybobo said...

Mine gets up at that time, crawls into my bed and says "mommy, move over" to which I obediently oblige. He then says "I watch PV mom?" To which I then hand him the remote, roll over and go back to sleep, so far, so good.