Thursday, June 29, 2006

Who do you look like?

This should be fun for a Friday post, tomorrow is Friday isn't it?

Well I really want to know who you look like. A celebrity? Your Aunt Ginnie, or Uncle Charlie? I want to hear the story.

So I wanna know who you look like, and OHHHH...even the people that VISIT DAILY and never leave a comment. Yeah, de-lurk for the day. That means you!!

Example: I was once told by "elderly mall walkers", that I looked like "one of the girls from Petticoat Junction". I do not think I look like any of the Petticoat Junction girls, but hey, they both had on glasses, and probably had cateracts.


vw bug said...

The middle one, you look like the middle one!!!

I have never been told I look like a movie / tv actor. I have been mistaken for another person or two... but never anyone famous.

Suzi said...

My grama said I looked like Candace Bergen. (I wish.)

Really I look a lot like my mom. Except that I have my dad's blue eyes and silver hair instead of mom's hazel eyes with brown and white hair.