Wednesday, June 15, 2011

And she'll have fun fun fun till her Daddy takes her t-bird away

OK, my DH is gone. My biggest fear of going away was media attention, and I have no idea, but then it came true. can read about that HERE. I was also afraid of keeping my poor daughters heart from breaking. Impossible, her Dad is gone, she is carrying on, but it is hard. We all miss him so.

This was the year I was going to be gracious and calm, 2 traits I do not possess, I grew up in a "now house", a "words not minced house". Honestly the most gracious persons I knew are either dead, or church mentors. I have one go getter gracious person I know, and I have watched her for years wondering how on EARTH, she does that. I have been trying to no avail, this year I feel like what was my graciousness was my downfall at school, and now at the above event. However I want gracious children, so will continue with my pursuit. Those of you who have met me know this is not an innate skill. I have to blend my feist with grace? Is that possible?

My Mother in Law has now been living with us for a year. Right now I can say thank God and praise Jesus, I would not be managing a full time job, and the children without her massive assistance.

Henry has started ABA, and extinction type therapies....right at the transition of end of school, Dad gone, and home for is a blog entry from another blog and she nails it... we are currently in "the burst". It is horrid to watch him struggle for all of us.


Fred G said...

The whole family also serves! Thank you for your service and sacrifice.

Fred G USAF many years ago.

Peter said...

He'll be in our prayers down here.

farmwifetwo said...

Actually, I suspect he'll have a harder time when his Dad comes home. You'll have sorted things out, his routines will be in place, the ABA (if done properly - like it has been for my eldest not the disaster the younger had) will have taught coping strategies etc and.... Wham!!! Dad intrudes on it all and you have to start again.

I married a farmer so I'm not help with things "military" but I do know when it comes to autism "this too shall end...." Feels like it never will... but... if you keep working at it... it will... then will come puberty... my eldest is 12 with NLD and we're in the midst of all things "tween" and puberty will be here shortly... cringe...

Best of luck.

AFlowerWithoutAName said...

God Bless you and your family.... Hooah... please write more. :)

Holdermans in Mad(ison) City said...

Praying for you! Could you email me? I would like to talk to you about deployment experiences. Judy